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February 05, 2021 3 min read

If Instagram is a gold mine of inspiration to create a closet worthy of the name, we can also draw some good ideas for our jewelry box. It's true. We spend hours on Instagram, scrolling and giving likes without even realizing it. The fashion ideas flow in all directions, whether for new trendy clothes or sensational makeup ideas.

And what about jewelry? Same thing. Influential women from around the world are in tune to highlight five must-have trends for spring. Necklaces, earrings, rings, and even piercings... Just open your eyes and listen to your desires.

Hanging butterfly earrings

A classic of the 2000s, the dangling earrings take their revenge for this new decade. In 2021, we tend to pick very long designs, (almost) touching the shoulders. They are available in so many colors: gold, silver but also with geometric pearls (as a Mother's Day gift) or in bangs. Chic and trendy look guaranteed.

Gold butterfly earrings from Butterflies & Co.

How hanging butterfly earrings can transcend your look

Accessories can transform a look. Too wise, too simple, too smooth. It's the detail that immediately gives a punchy touch to the silhouette. An accumulation of rushes, a necklace, a leopard bootie, a vinyl bag... there are so many possibilities to assert your personality with a trifle. For several seasons, the maxi earring has been the accessory that changes everything. The more eye-catching it is, the more desirable it is. After the pompom, geometric or creole model, it's the drooping earrings that are in vogue. Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton love them, and the whole fashion sphere swears by them. This model, with its vintage look, finds its stylistic aura of yesteryear. Only one piece of advice: Dare!

Gold butterfly jewelry is getting old

If our wardrobe is bathed in a vintage wave and a revival of the 80s, jewelry is not left out. For spring, the watchword will be antique gold. You know, like the old charms we take out of our grandmothers' jewelry box. Antique gold that would have lived well... That's the trend. We're going to wear our little checked dresses, our oversized jackets, and our mom jeans for a silhouette full of character.

Or switch the gold on your jewelry for glass

If Cinderella wore the glass slipper wonderfully, we can totally use this original material as accessories. Always in a retro trend, our jewels will play the card of transparency; sensuality, and elegance in anticipation. Whether we choose them tinted orange or green or colorless, we are sure to have everything right.

Silver butterfly jewelry

If gold has always won the first step of the podium in the jewelry preferences (pun totally intended), silver is also determined to make a place for itself at our wrists and necklines. With silver, we are sure to create a darker, more in-depth, but equally delicate look. And then, even if the gods of jewelry say no, nothing forbids mixing gold and silver.


We haven't stressed it enough: DARE! You shouldn't be afraid to start your own trend, but there is nothing wrong with following one that already exists. After all, this is why we created this blog. But make sure you are comfortable wearing the piece of jewelry you selected and be proud of it. Butterfly jewelry, whether it is gold, silver, a stud, or hanging, can completely transform your look. It would be a pity not to wear any.

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