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Butterfly Promise Ring

A butterfly promise ring is a commitment to growing together and to constantly work on your relationship. Only then can you become the best version of yourselves.

Take the next step in your relationship and make it official by getting promise rings that fit together. The butterfly promise ring is a symbolic representation of an ever-growing relationship. Perfect for couples and friends!

  • Butterfly rings
  • Resizable ring (the smaller ring has a fixed Ø of 17mm)
  • Material: zinc alloy
  • Color: silver
Butterfly promise ring

There are some jewels that have special importance. The promise ring is one of them. This one carries a strong commitment, often synonymous with fidelity, love, or eternal friendship. This ring is often offered at the beginning of a love relationship. It also marks the ties of friendship between two people. But this jewel can also represent a promise that one makes to oneself.

History and meaning of the butterfly promise ring

The butterfly promise ring can trace its origins to the "fede" ring, a piece of jewelry that symbolized an agreement of trust, a contract, between two people. It can be recognized by its pattern of joined hands, called "mani in fede", or "hands in trust". In the Middle Ages, this type of ring continued to be exchanged, especially as a sign of commitment to love. Today, the promise ring is particularly popular in the United States, where young people give each other this jewel as a symbol of their love or friendship. Rich in meaning, this piece of jewelry has crossed the Atlantic and is the subject of gifts between boys and girls, men and women who share common feelings and aspirations.

When and to whom to give a butterfly promise ring?

The promise ring often serves as a symbol of love. It is, therefore, an excellent gift for Valentine's Day or for an anniversary, a first meeting, a first date, a first kiss... It is ideal to consolidate a relationship that is just beginning, especially between two young people, without having to commit to a marriage.

When it reinforces the bonds of friendship, the ring can be offered for an anniversary, at Christmas, or to celebrate a date or a particular event. It can also be used to make a promise to oneself.

Finally, the butterfly promise ring is more and more often used as a pre-engagement ring. If the man is unsure about the choice of engagement ring, he can offer a promise ring at the time of his proposal. The final engagement ring is then chosen as a couple; this way, mistakes are avoided without sacrificing the surprise effect.

How to wear a butterfly promise ring?

Generally, it is desirable that the promise ring not be confused with an engagement ring or wedding band. As these jewels are traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand, the middle or right ring finger is preferred for the butterfly promise ring. It can also be worn on a chain around the neck, like a pendant.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nova B.
Perfect set of rings

A perfect set of rings for couples or friends. I love them.

Mary D.
The perfect butterflies for lovers

My partner and I got these matching butterfy promise rings and we simply love them. The quality of the metal and the design are perfect. I warmly recommend this set of rings.

Kevin D.
Perfect gift

My girlfriend and I wear it everyday. It was a gift for our 2 years together, she loved it.

Agathe M.
Perfect for couples

A great pair of matching butterfly rings. A nice silver color and comfortable to wear. We love them.

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