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Green Jade Butterfly Ring

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The green jade butterfly ring was designed for women who want to stand out with awe-inspiring jewelry. The spheric jade stone captivates the eye while the delicate wings of the butterfly embellish your finger line.

  • Butterfly ring
  • Resizable ring
  • Material: 925 sterling silver
  • Color: silver & golf
  • Jade stone ornament
Green Jade Butterfly Ring

Jade is a very hard and tough gemstone used in ornamentation and jewelry. Chinese artists have long used this fine stone to make small art objects.
Eight thousand years ago, the inhabitants of what is now China, driven by powerful motivations and a certain creative spirit, began to conscientiously polish these very hard gemstones to make ornaments that they wore on their bodies. But this action, very complex and certainly very slow, associated with the singular forms that they chose, was certainly not an act devoid of importance, even of significance.

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